“The Span of Our Dreams” ~Poetry by Linda Willows

The Span of Our Dreams

I could not say goodbye when you suddenly left
My voice fell away from your emptied chest.
You vanished in moments to the dust of this world.
While I still stood by, bound like a child curled.
I held your sweet laughter, tears and joy sighs;
Delight in life’s giving, and gifts true and wise.

How could your soul make such a passage to go
Without word, prayer or sign- to have let me know.
I held your life dear in my own hearts wing
With the span of our dreams for each sacred thing.
Two was a force that could forge all with might.
I never believed that you could vanish from sight.

This isn’t goodbye, I cannot speak, even still
For my heart lies awake with one wing here to fill.
Come to me, let a prayer come through blushed with love,
telling me, holding, keeping us from above.
Give peace to my path, to my heart and my hand.
Its time now, I know, to mind God’s command.

©2012 Linda Willows

Dedicated to my Mother, who passed so soon, and so suddenly and long ago.


11 thoughts on ““The Span of Our Dreams” ~Poetry by Linda Willows

  1. Linda–first I offer condolences on the loss of your mother. This is a beautiful, heart-wrenching poem. And it struck me, particularly, because I wrote a tanka a while back which I’ve not posted yet–but it speaks to the suddenness of losing a loved one. Perhaps I’ll put it up soon, in case you would like it. My prayers are flying up for your heart to be comforted–God bless you. Caddo


    1. Thank you for extending your heart to me, Caddo. I do appreciate it so much. I am very glad that you liked the poem. I will be looking for that tanka when it comes up. Thank you much for your prayers. all love to your, Linda


  2. ….and yet……..she is there……….her laughter ringing in your words and in your heart………her picture painted on the under side of your eyelids……….she lives in you, she loves in you……….beyond this Winter, she is the Spring! Lovely work, Linda.


  3. Oh Linda, this poem touched my heart, dear friend, and brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for your great loss. I hope you know that the deep love you have with your mother is carried on your beautiful words; spreading that love into the hearts of your friends as they fly on dove’s wings into the heavens. Sending you gentle hugs and love, dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


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