“Take me with You, Wind today” ~The Poetry of Linda Willows

Take me with You, Wind, today.
I long to feel like your own at play,
Flying up and far away.
I would champion the skies that bid your way.

Let me fly above the treetops high
And whisper the sounds of natures’ sweet sigh.
I would soar with the birds, wings outstretched and light
And join with their songs as day turned to night.

Wind, I miss you caressing my face.
There was never a time nor season or place,
When you were not beside my own journey and heart
With a promise that You would never depart.

©2012 Linda Willows

14 thoughts on ““Take me with You, Wind today” ~The Poetry of Linda Willows

  1. This is lovely, Linda. I so enjoyed reading it I read it twice… so very beautiful! Much love and blessings to you x


  2. Beautiful, uplifting words, dear friend, I love this poem. I had tears in my eyes as I read the last verse … a lovely longing …. Sending you much love for a wonderful weekend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  3. I want to read, read, read,………………………… .
    One can experience cool breeze while reading.
    Good one.


  4. These words were implied to me in my soul as I enjoyed walking in brisk, sunny winds around town this past weekend. Joining in birdsongs along with you, my sister!


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