All Blossoms to Be ~ a Poem by Linda Willows

In Nature’s green Cathedral I found a mighty rock’s knee
That I might bend warm and near, to Pray before Thee.
Your world is so loved and cherished by me
With Innocence as spring carries all blossoms to be.

I can feel the stretch of the trees that shelter all
Reaching out to your Sun in worship’s enthrall.
Small golden flecks do a dance at my feet
like a chorus of sylphs that long to greet.

And I, just me, at the base of your Rock
Am in wonder before You, as all fears unlock.
I pray deep in Cathedrals; Sacred here and beyond,
That Hope and Innocence, feel Rebirth in Your Bond.

©2012 Linda Willows

12 thoughts on “All Blossoms to Be ~ a Poem by Linda Willows

  1. Oh, Linda, this is just beautiful and I love:

    “In Nature’s green Cathedral I found a mighty rock’s knee
    That I might bend warm and near, to Pray before Thee.”

    Your entire poem is beautiful, but these first two lines were a stunning beginning to your perception of being one with nature. Just gorgeous! xo


    1. Thank you so much Lauren, I was recalling a true moment of Prayer in Springtime when I lived rather alone surrounded by the extreme beauty of Nature. It felt so sacred to go to a special place through the trees by a rock near the river to pray. It has always been God and His Glorious creations which keep me in awe and wonder. All love forward to you, always dear friend, Linda


  2. If you would build an alternative before me, and if you have laid you hand upon it, you have polluted it. Paraphrasing from the book of Genesis. The most glorious places to feel the presence of the almighty are those in nature, not made with our hands. Thank you for this reminder today.


    1. and with Ourselves, perhaps that which we “construct with mind and perception” can become a blurred shadows of the Original Truth and Intent of the Almighty. Do we see and receive the Presence with full Innocence and Heart Bare of all that hinders? This is the Blossom to Be that we carry. It longs to open with full humility and naked purity before the Creator.


  3. What a beautiful blessing this post is for this ol’ nature loving lady, Linda! This is EXACLTY where I meditate and rejoice and pray best–in a Green Cathedral! I love my church and my church family–but my private time with God in such natural settings is invaluable to me!


  4. Wow….I am so taken with this poem, Linda…..such a deep and intimate ode of praise and worship…..It touches my heart so deeply, for I too feel this sacred and beautiful love you speak of, and I adore this sanctuary, this covenant between him and I…thank you for such a blessed gift of words, my friend….I applaud what you accomplished here, so breathtaking…..that picture is incredible, I love it…..
    peace and love


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