“Ground soft as petals”, from L.Willows

“My heart’s given over to the Path You provide dipped in the lush fragrance of whispers aside.
Ground soft as petals, I feel no divide as All reaches in to keep, protect and to guide.”

©2012 Linda Willows


Inspiration and the act of sharing what inspires is something which I feel deeply about. To “inspire” means, literally – to inhale, from the Latin word, inspirate (in-spir-a-te) which a favorite word. It leads back to the inhalation of Spirit, which then we breathe forward, outward and share. 



22 thoughts on ““Ground soft as petals”, from L.Willows

  1. Linda, I am always caught by the way your words carry me liked a wind through the trees, there is a true connection to the ethereal in the what you write… Thank you, and have a blessed day.


    1. Thank you granfathersky. Your words mean very much to me. “The Wind”, for all of my life has been a vivid, real as well as ethereal experience since I was a girl. I used to “feel” brushing past me and feel Presence. I attribute everything after that to the Wind, which is like a Great Spirit and manifestation of the Beloved Divine. My foundation was called “Wyndom”, my site “HeartWinds”, everything honors the Divine and deeper Wind that seeks to reach and breath through us all. Your insight astounds me. Love to you, Linda


  2. Linda, dear friend, your words feel like coming home; they touch my heart to the core, and bring tears of joy to my eyes. This is so beautiful … and the photo is breathtaking, making me want to step into it and walk its exquisite path. Thank you, and have a truly Blessed Sunday. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


  3. Linda,

    This is one of my favourites of yours that I have read so far!

    I just love the line “dipped in lush fragrance of whispers aside”.

    Your work always leaves me with a feeling of peace deep inside, and on the occasions that peace eludes me I know it is possible because I have felt it.

    Qnd I could walk in that picture and just keep on walking in the “lush fragrant whispers”.




  4. Linda,

    This is beautiful! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for it today! What an amazing way to start April.

    “Inspire” is also my favorite word. I have always loved the true meaning, and wished more knew about it. Thank you for sharing and for helping me remember.

    With Love,


    1. Dearest Elizabeth, I am so happy for your message. I agree that it is one of the most beautiful words in language. If you allow it roll off of your tongue in a whisper in Latin it even seems to have echoes and makes you breathe in and out…try it! All Love to you today and everyday, Linda


  5. This one blows me away, Linda–the combination of the photo and your words is riveting, making me yearn to go there! I’m curious if there is a specific preparation you do to get to this place, or whether it just happens naturally–and you capture it, either on paper or screen? Whichever–it is so wonderfully rich. Thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us (I’m about to get all gushy…).


    1. Yes, Caddo I do a specific preparation. First I publish the chosen photo, Then open a word writing program and place it next to the photo so that I see only blank text page and the photo onscreen. ….Then I feel a type of responsibility to carry much more than myself to the page and pray that the Greater Beloved use this space to inspire and add goodness to our world. I understand that I alone cannot declare any quote of Truth without attributing it to Its Source. I allow my heart to fill with love and gratitude to God. I wait in silence with no “thought” in my own mind. Then seeming to come from a space between my Heart and the black page, the first word or image arises. I don’t know what will come next but I type it. That opens the door to the rest. Then the words flow unimpeded. Lately, I enjoy, while still close to that “state of mind”, to write about the quote. Then I press, Publish! and pray that it reaches many hearts and is received with the Love from which it was gifted. Linda


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