A Shift in the Gathering Wind

There are times when I feel that I must allow all that I wish, dream and think that I “know” to be taken away as if lifted by a shift in a gathering wind.  The holdings of my heart and mind are swept like dozens of meadow flowers and scattered  throughout the clouds leaving colorful sprinkling of colors as the only a blur in the folds of Gods motioned clouds. All were once tightly held, even lightly held, but cherished and dear.

I have noticed that every once in a while whether we do it voluntarily or not, we are motioned into the experience a “life cleanse” and it may take us by surprise or shake us to the core. We can recognize these winds as a sign of new times asking that we lay down yesterday’s terms, conditions and holdings. We can question if we are being asked to peel away the layers of beliefs and holdings which have become heavy garments that we wear or, have begun to “wear us” instead.

Life’s nature compels renewal. Our own higher nature, by decree of the laws of Love, The Divine and Purification, seizes the reigns and longs to shed what we no longer need, even if we do not acknowledge it, feel it or believe it. The key is to view renewal as a blessing such as the passing of winter to spring.

Renewal and the “life shedding” that often follows can bring forth doubts and fear. Our ego is eager to keep all things Status Quo. It may have established some valued holdings” in the former status. These, in the form of beliefs, judgements and it’s own treasured “safety devices” would rather not be trifled with. The former creates a comfortable home base. That is Its job, to make you feel safe and loved. Sadly, the ego, by this definition, is not the Soul, or the Heart or Source of Pure Love. Some traditions call it the Ego-Mind.

The Pure Source of Love and it’s Recall is Sacred energy that is motioned, prompted by Love, at pivotal times of change in one’s live. We need not be afraid of it or of the change that it compels. It is filled with wondrous possibilities that we cannot even fathom. It is, in pure form, our original energy, inborn and true to the Imprint of God, Source of All. It longs to be free once again that it may reform according to the Soul’s design and the decree of the Divine.

If I ever feel the winds of Spirit near, my heart is open. My heart, mind are yours. Shower my life with the droplets of your will and grace. You are my home. You are my space. You already know the Place!

©2012 Linda Willows

4 thoughts on “A Shift in the Gathering Wind

  1. Linda, this is such a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece of writing. And I believe that it is indeed true that there are times that we experience a “life cleanse”, whether we are prepared to accept it or not. I have had this happen to me a few times in my life; most recently in the past year or so. I balked at the drastic changes. I didn’t want to believe that these changes, this ‘cleansing’ was an improvement in my life, and it took me a few months to come to terms with them. But I have come to learn that once they are truly accepted and even embraced, we really do open ourselves to new possibilities. This, however, isn’t something that comes naturally to me; I still have to work at it every day. Really good post, Linda, thank you. ~ Julie xox


    1. Thank you Julie, I think that often we don’t recognize it until we are well into it, perhaps “altered” by easily a year or months of what seem to be “turnings” and “unexpecteds” that shake our former grounds of security. We are blessed with “pauses”, times to reflect and find meaning which is larger than the appearance or the first response to these experiences. Love, Linda


  2. Oh, Linda, after reading this beatiful post I feel as if I have sat in a meditation circle outside high on a mountaintop with sun streaming through a fresh breeze, wildflowers nodding on all sides, and beautiful bluebirds engaged in air dances overhead. You have caused that voice to call to me here. Bless you!


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