“Thunder, Thunder, Miles of Wonder”, a poem by Linda Willows

Thunder, thunder, miles of wonder,
Footsteps rumble into outcries asunder.
Drive me yet through lands not dissolved
whose voices will not break into distant resolve.

Rumble, Rumble, miles to wonder,
room to soar yet much to forsake.
The outcry of brethren for their own sky to take.
Their voices roar for a new freedom’s wake.

Cast me with honor, give me soul’s wake.
Thunder, Thunder; all at stake.
Abba, for each and every one of us, Lord
For this Life, this hour, and all choices we make.

©2012 Linda Willows

12 thoughts on ““Thunder, Thunder, Miles of Wonder”, a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Wow, Linda, what a wonderful, powerful poem. It speaks to me not only of the wild freedom of this magnificent animal (gorgeous photo); but with deeper meaning too; of the need to unite our voices and our journeys and travel with the same honour and courage. I’m sure I didn’t explain this well, but I think you probably understand what I’m trying to say … only you did it much better. lol. You write with a grace and beauty that takes my breath away, my friend. ~ Julie xox


    1. Thank you, Julie. You have caught the “Thunder”, I could feel something rolling through me as I wrote. It was more than my own call. I felt re-united with the “rumblings of humanity” that prompted me so deeply at times in life. It seems that once that portal has opened, it can never be silenced. It is easier to live without hearing the outcries of our world family, from every corner and respect the courage of each. At least, we can say, “you are known, you are heard. All stand together with honor and the vision of freedom.


  2. Linda, thank you so much for deciding to follow my blog. I will have a new prosey sort of post tomorrow as transition into the next phase of my adult fairtytale of crittery,folky friends traveling eastward on their assigned quest from the Babe–something only they can do for Him. I love this “thundering hoof” post here today. These lines are special to my own heart right now.:
    “My heart does weep to absolve.
    The outcries of brethren
    for their own due sky to take
    as their voices roar like thunder
    for a new days’ freedom’s wake.


  3. ur words are so nice 🙂
    i feel they r so big and deep 🙂 i think i have a long way to master words the way u do 🙂 i hope u will read my poems and tell me what’s missing and how am i doing 🙂 cuz seems like u r so talented and professional 😀


    1. Thank you. Your site is beautiful. First, I am not at all an expert, still learning and it is wonderful to be in that open state. The best advice that I have is to just write when your heart compels you to, never insist or probe for a poem. If there is nothing happening, then wait” until the moment falls. Poetry is like precipitation first as an art. The sculpting of it as a form for quality, purity and your own learning curve, which I am only early on, is a personal journey which is helped by reading and learning from classics, other more advanced poets and a gradual process of “seeing”, and Hearing the poetry that you are writing. Must be said slowly aloud as if at a “reading”. What is its melody, rhyme? tone, does it feel like the wordless prompting that stirred you? Use proofread, then read again. again. Change it to its most sculpted beauty, is there a word or phrase that expresses this better?? Go to your heart and push the door to the emptiness and ask if it wants a different word; listen. All of this and an education of poetry is a beginning. My friend Julie Catherine, is very knowledgeable and often shares her wisdom on her blog. Look her up on my blog-list. Talk soon, Linda


  4. when it comes to poetry i dont rush it and i dont think abt it, i just write what comes to mind, what i feel, what my heart tells me, it’s a matter of muse and inspiration, for me it’s so easy to write any article, but it’s so damn hard to write a poem 🙂


    1. well, it would be difficult for me to write an article! Then it must be a matter of doing, again and again. When I look at my earlier poems, which I was so happy with, I see the spirit, and promise but only the “doing” of it seemed to help with improvement. Write 50 poems! Then look back. You will be amazed at your growth. You are right!! It is a matter of Muse and Inspiration only with Poetry!!!:-D


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