Arms Stretched Above, Love

Arms Stretched Above, Love

Long, long ago, my soul poured me into dance.
Invited I was, into a heavenly trance.
My arms did rise with grace to a heaven rare.
I swirled into joy, in love’s beloved care.

Immersion never lost its life or hold
throughout all years; or now, as I become old.
My heart is gripped with a stirring power
that motions its passion and marks every hour.

Would I dance again this lover would weep
for all the years that I did not keep
the promise of fidelity to this life’s true love
undying, unyielding, memories of arms stretched above.

©2012 Linda Willows

10 thoughts on “Arms Stretched Above, Love

  1. Linda, your poem is as graceful as the dance you love so much. I love the flow, the phrasing and your word choices are exquisite. I’m adding your beautiful blog to my own blogroll, so that I can visit again and again – this is like finding a rare jewel. Lovely. ~ Julie


  2. This poem is dancing gracefully from beginning to end Linda – I love it!

    “My soul poured me into dance” – that’s just beautiful.

    When did you stop dancing? Or maybe you still are. Maybe we all are, not necessarily physically, but I know my spirit dances now that I have found poetry.



    1. Thank you. A performing career is short. I started danced professionally at sixteen until late twenties and was classical trained with all life inside the studio since I was seven. Much traveling was from company touring. Years later at 52, I returned to one famous Maestro in NYC to heal an serious physical impairment. It was most challenging journey, but like a reunion with Love. I healed completely. That time my soul was matured, able to fill and merge with body, heart, mind and dance. It was ecstacy. I had to stop abruptly. Circumstances forced a move far away this treasured opportunity.
      I agee completely, poetry is very much like dancing. I feel the same passion of motion when I write. This dance continues.


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