Heavens Bridge

I seal all vows crossing hand over my heart.

The prayer, my call, it is a wondrous start.

Your Mercy, My God; an answer did part.

It was not a whisper, it was not a word.

You came with the moon like a nightingale bird.

So grateful I am that I was startled to wake.

The light, wind and might was one not to mistake.

Heavy tears rose up heaven’s bridge through space.

All, now Your Own; I whirled to Godly embrace.

My eyes, closed, my heart, full of grace.

The stars swept through a galaxy new,

Each not alone, all given by You.

©2011 Linda Willows

5 thoughts on “Heavens Bridge

    1. Hello, Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award, you honor me and I am very happy that you thought to put me on your list. I am new, as you probably know. I will copy the Blog Award letter, with your name, then choose four and send each of these four (only?) a comment or message that they are nominated or is it done in a general post to all, or put on site. thanks for clarification!


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